Terms of rent

General Conditions of Car Rental

Conditions for the conclusion of the contract:

  • A. Valid driver's license (international)
  • B. Deposit (the deposit amount depends on the car model).
  • C.For traveler (Copy of passport)

Payment for the car:

  • A. Credit Card: VISA, MasterCard The card must be registered and belong to the person signing the contract.
  • B. Cash is accepted for payment of the rental, in CAD & USD$.
  • C. Payment of the deposit is only accepted by a registered bank card belonging to the person who concludes the contract! The amount of your card is blocked for 21 days. At the end of the period, the presence of fines for speeding and red light (radar photo) is verified. In the absence of a fine, the amount of the deposit is returned to your card.

Additional notes:

  • A. The taxes payable are those in force in Quebec QST / GST of 14.975%.
  • B. We do not provide a rental car for an hour. The minimum rental period is 1 day.